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Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Bryony Applegate, I am a ceramicist based in Hertfordshire, England. I have a studio in Much Hadham and specialise in high-end tableware and interior ceramic objects. I have won awards such as Potclays 2016, and QEST Scholarship 2019.

I have exhibited at Ceramic Art London, Qest at Fortnum&Mason, Top Drawer, Handmade in Britain, The Independent Hotel Show and Artefact.

What made you choose this career?

I was brought up in a creative family. Dad was an architectural model maker and Mum was a Ceramist so I was heavily influenced by my upbringing. I also found techniques and processes in my practice very therapeutic. After graduating from the Royal College of Art I honed in on my passions, which were Ceramics and food.

Did you go through formal education? If so, what did you study and where?

I completed my Foundation Diploma at Oaklands College in 2013, followed by a BA at Staffordshire University, graduating in 2016.

Did this have a positive or negative impact on your chosen career?

Ceramics has always been my chosen career. It allowed me to travel China for a residency, Teach in various places such as Schools in England and Saudi Arabia.

Who inspires you?

I've always been inspired by other small businesses and independent makers

What’s the scariest thing about your job and how have you overcome it?

The scariest thing about the job is knowing what's going to come out at the end. To overcome this, i've worked for years experimenting which different techniques within firings and materials.

What do you want to change about your industry?

I would like people to understand the worth of handmade Ceramic objects. There is a lot of time, patience, experimentation and training that goes into each item.

What advice would you give someone who is starting out in your field?

If you love it you'll stick to it. Having a gut instinct or something that draws you back to the practice is what reminds you to make it work. Take advantage of as many experiences as possible such as working with a practicing ceramist you admire, teaching the skills that you know and stepping out of you comfort zone to try things you are not as confident in.


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