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ENYO is a design studio which creates furniture and interior objects. It was founded in 2021 by Daniela Rubino and Lauren Wilson, artists and makers who studied Sculpture at Central Saint Martins and The Slade School of Fine Art respectively, and who specialise in working with concrete and steel. 

Collections are designed to accommodate instinctive resting postures such as kneeling, crouching and reclining. Sculptural forms, subtle surface patterns and soothing material palettes appease the eye, creating environments for calm contemplation in an often chaotic contemporary climate. 

Named after the Greek goddess of war, a formidable woman whose might and strength saw her feared as a figure of destruction. New, limited-edition collections are released on an occasional basis, combining industrial materials with luxury textiles, elegant forms and a refined finish. Every piece is designed to last a lifetime. 

Photographs by Bethany Crutchfield and Stuart Wilson



In Collection I, industrial materials and squat, solid structures are reimagined for an elegant and refined way of living. A colour palette of black, ivory, olive green and burnt orange allude to natural landscapes, and create a serene setting for quiet reflection, creating or entertaining.


The furniture pieces are constructed using mild steel frames, welded by Rubino and Wilson. The steel is hand-coated many times with a patina before construction, to draw out the deep black and brown tones.


The large surfaces are cast from bespoke moulds and made using a more sustainable alternative to concrete, chosen to highlight the fine detail of the checkerboard patterns embossed into the design, inspired by traditional Japanese zen gardens.


Tables and low seats are designed for sitting ‘tailor-style’, with legs crossed or folded – a position traditionally used by craftspeople for its comfort, convenience and efficiency. Day beds are made with a firm cushion, for optimal alignment of the spine and improved posture.


The upholstery, finished in a heavy cotton canvas, is made by Valerie Hui, founder of Otho London, and designed for a long-lasting and durable finish.

Written by Maisie Skidmore


A low, square seat, made from a mild steel frame. Upholstered in heavyweight cotton canvas, available in stracciatella or olive.


A long, low day bed, made from a mild steel frame. Behind the headrest sits a small table. Upholstered in a heavyweight cotton canvas that is available in stracciatella or olive.
The table is available in black, stracciatella or burnt orange.


A low, rectangular table made from a mild steel frame.
Its checkerboard surface design is cast in a more sustainable alternative concrete.
Available in stracciatella or black. 


A side table made from a mild steel frame, with a raised grid surface design.
Available in two-tone olive and black, stracciatella and burnt orange,
or black and stracciatella. 


Photographs by Bethany Crutchfield and Stuart Wilson

As seen in House&Garden and SightUnseen

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